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  • Tom Mayhew
    519-682-3131 ext 230

    Tom, is the el presidente, komandant, the head of the asylum , the general manager of our dealership and most importantly, the man who signs our paychecks. Tom has been involved in the automotive business since 1984 and has run this store since 1993. He understands the meaning of customer satisfaction and always maintained the Chrysler's prestigious Five Star status. He is a dedicated family man, community oriented and has a passion for the car business. If there is one thing he has learned over the years, it's do not leave your luggage unattended.

  • Carly Dupuis
    Office Manager
    519-682-3131 EXT 225

    Carly , Tom's daughter ,has been hanging around the dealership her entire life, working here at Tilbury Chrysler on and off for the last 10 years. Some of the various positions she has held here include Service, reception, and now having found her way into the accounting as our new office manager. Carly has attended NADA dealer school in Virginia to learn as much about the business as she can, to ensure that she is skilled in every aspect of the dealership. Carly enjoys the great outdoors, travelling and spending time with her husband Mike , and their recent additions, their beautiful daughter Casey and new handsome brother Reid.

  • Nicole Lacharite
    Service Manager
    519-682-3131 ext 235

    Nicole was recently promoted to Service Manager. She moved up the ladder very quickly at Tilbury Chrysler. Starting as a porter, then service advisor and then parts advisor . Because she had a good handle on the service department from bottom to top, she was and ideal candidate for Service Manager. When she is not solving all your service issues, she loves spending time with the three men in her life, her husband Brad and their two handsome boys.

  • Chris VanNeck
    General Sales Manager
    519-682-3131 ext 233

         Chris started his career in the auto industry with Tilbury Chrysler in January of 1996 (when he had black hair) and he has never looked back. He has held various roles with the company, starting on the sales floor, lease renewal manager, used car manager and he now leads both  new and used car departments as GSM, and his hair  has since gone whiter than snow . We are not sure of the link between sales and service and gray hair or no hair, hopefully the scientist will come up with a cure (Chris will take the sales side effect over the service alternative any day). So if you have any questions regarding leasing, your lease renewal or purchasing a new car, he can help.When he has spare time, he enjoys spending time with Jennifer chasing and driving  their two boys , Noah and Blake,  to their various athletic and school activities . Chris also tries to give back to the community by sitting  on the South Kent Minor Hockey Association board.

  • Glenn Schnekenburger
    Used Inventory Manager/Inventory Manager
    519-682-3131 ext 222

    Glenn Schnekenburger, was our first round pick in the 2008 rookie draft. He spent 18 years in the minors, working in the beverage industry in Chatham, specializing in the sales and customer service sector. He is a solid team player who believes having fun at work is a must. After many years of hard work, Glenn was recently promoted to Internet Manager and Used Inventory Manager.  Glenn is also our in house chef who cooks Jamie's catches to perfection (perch, moose, vension and the list goes on). One of Glenn's greatest strengths, is his determination to make sure all customers are satisfied with their experience. He summers and winters in Chatham with ,Shelley, his wife of 35+ years (34 happy ones). They have one son, Thomas who recently married and now has produced three   grandchildren Noah, Austin and Lucas. Glenn also has a daughter Kali, who is following in his footsteps (see below) who added to the grandson corral (no Y chromosomes in the Schnekenburger gene pool), Logan . One more and he will have a whole hockey team. Glenn is also past Vice President of 'the club', a secret society that prides itself in solving world problems and the over abundance of barley and grapes in this county.

  • Jamie Drummond
    Financial Services Manager
    519-682-3131 ext 269

     Jamie, the Great White Hunter,  has been with the dealership since March 1996.  He has worked in many different areas including, detail department, sales, lease manager, and business manager.Outside of work Jamie is an avid outdoors man who loves to fish and hunt. Jamie catches 'em and Glenn cooks 'em. Jamie and his wife Karen are world travelers and if they have not heard of the place then it probably does not exist. 

  • Donna Magee
    Financial Services Manager
    519-682-3131 ext 231

    Donna started here at Tilbury Chrysler back in 2008. With her strong customer service and financial experience, she had the opportunity to join any one of her 146 stores she used to represent with her previous employment but the atmosphere and staff is what drew Donna to bring her skills to Tilbury Chrysler. We were very excited and proud to have Donna as she comes with over 21 years' experience in the finance and protection products industry. In Donna's spare time, she enjoys boating and travelling with her kids, she can usually be found somewhere sunny, enjoying the outdoors. Give Donna a call today so she can find you the lowest interest rates and let her show you what is available for protection packages to ensure your new vehicle has all the coverage you will need to suit your busy and active lifestyle.

  • Norm Girard
    Financial Service Manager
    519-682-3131 ext 226

    If Norm looks a little familiar, it is because he is the younger brother to one of our sales people, Mitch. Even though he is new to the car business, Norm brings a wealth of knowledge from the investment and health industries. When not at work, Norm loves to golf , spend time with his new niece and work on the Girard curse, chicken legs. If you want a place where everyone knows your name , then Tilbury Chrysler is the place for you. If you want to deal with a young man who is polite, knowledgeable and wise years beyond his age, then Norm is your man.

  • Wayne Johnston
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    519-682-3131 ext 247

    Wayne is formerly from Chatham, and now resides in Lighthouse Cove. Mr. SPEEDY GONZALEZ  Johnston's sales career spans over a 27 year period, 18 of which, he has been consulting Tilbury Chrysler customers. Wayne may not move at the speed of smell (we time him with a sun dial), but he is meticulous and pays attention to detail. Our customers look for and appreciate the vast product knowledge he shares and his laid back demeanor has blended well with our no pressure county atmosphere at Tilbury Chrysler. 

  • Lino Toscani
    Sales Consultant
    519-682-3131 ext 234

    Lino switched careers and joined the automotive industry after jobs in the restaurant and the metal fabrication industry and has never looked back. In his sparetime, Lino is a long suffering Leaf fan and also enjoys the Detroit Lions,(I know sucker for punishment). The first car Lino drove was a 1972 Dodge Challenger and has been hooked on Chrysler ever since. He enjoys meeting new people and will always have a story or a joke. He understands Italian clearly but can only speak broken Italian and broken English. A customer once thought Lino had a speech impediment, but he had only hurt his hand gardening..... So if you want a sales consultant with passion in two and a half languages, Lino is the man for you.

  • Mitchell G Girard
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    519-682-3131 EXT 241

    An Amherstburg native, but recently moved to the pretty ditch area, Mitch has been in the car business for almost 6 years now. He was part of one of the most lop sided  trades in Tilbury Chrysler history. We got him straight up for a 1984 Dodge Caravan Magic wagon 4 cylinder with 448,421kms on it. The jury is still out, but we think we won the trade . Mitch was brought in  to raise the average height and  good looks (his words) of the sales staff. He is a strong Michigan/Detroit sports fan, Wings, Tigers, Lions , Wolverines , Pistons, you name it, Mitch follows . Mitch recently married the love of his life, Sarah (guess she did  not come to her senses..) . If you like enthusiasm and unbridled youthful exuberance (kind of like a puppy), than Mitch is the sales person for you.  He is a former (self proclaimed) all star caliber athlete who brings the same passion (and short stride) and excitement to a deal, that he had when playing! Mitch and his lovely wife Sarah just welcomed their beautiful daughter Sloane into this crazy world. Come in and see what the Mitch Effect  is all about.

  • Katie Cochrane
    Sales & Leasing Consultant
    519-682-3131 EXT 224

    Katie started out with us as our Customer Experience Manager and has since became one of our top sales and leasing consultants. Working for Fairmont Hotels in Alberta as well as a Taboo Resort in Muskoka, Katie is specialized to assist you with any of your car buying needs.

    She is currently living with 3 dogs and formally a pair of  geckos, Brett and Laurie, God rest their soles. In her spare time she enjoys cheering for the Toronto Blue Jays (and the Twins) throughout the baseball season, is a big fan of golf and Sergio Garcia and is the past president of Tiger town. Come in and see Katie if you need assistance finding a vehicle that's right for you!

  • Danny Ippoliti
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

    Danny recently taken with the third pick of the expansion draft, therefore being saved from a life in the minors.  He was born and bread in Leamington, where he learned to speak Italian, Portuguese and a little broken English. If it looks like he and Lino have gotten into fisticuffs, they are just talking.  He has two beautiful boys Brady and Ari. In his spare time, he referees hockey and plays chess. He cheers for the  black and gold (we still hired him anyway) Steel City Penguins, Steelers and Pirates.  After cutting his teeth in sales in the food industry he then moved over to the automotive world. So if  you want top notch service and enthusiasm that the energizer bunny would be jealous of, Danny is your man.

  • Kali Schnekenburger-Hosfeld-Jacob-Jingleheimerschmidt
    Sales and Leasing Consultant
    519-682-3131 ext 232

    Kali, has had a crazy couple of years. She married Adam (aka Manny) twice, had a beautiful baby boy ,Logan Schnekenburger-Hosfeld-Jacob-Jingle-Heimer-Schmidt (wait til they try and fit that on a back of a jersey) and  just returned to work after a maternity leave .During that team she and Adam bought their first  house, bought second house, sold the first house......phew.  Now that things have settled down, sort of, Kali is back and ready to help you with all your vehicle needs.  

  • Yvette Hunter
    519-682-3131 ext 275

    Yvette started with us in reception in 2006 ( I know, she must have been 16....) and has moved up the ladder in to accounting. She is also an integral part of Tilbury Chrysler's social committee. In her spare time she enjoys chasing her two boys around and spending time with family and friends.

  • Rachael Stacey
    Accounts Receivable
    519-682-3131 ext 275

    Rachael (aka Ofsean) started with the Tilbury Chrysler team in the fall of 2017 and has quickly become part of our family here. She started as manager of our detailing department and her hard work and focus to customer satisfaction earned her a promotion into our service and parts customer retention center. Continuing that up hill climb , she is now learning the ropes in accounting . Rachael is a loving mother of 2 boys and has been with her fiancé since 2000, they finally decided to tie the knot in 2015. Her spare time is mostly spent enjoying their new summer retreat where everything is hand made, and  afternoons on their boat "Gilead" and hanging out with friends and family and planning for mayday.  

  • Nikki Welch
    Servcie Advisor
    519-682-3131 ext 284

    Nikki joined the Tilbury Chrysler service team in February of 2020, and what a great addition she has been. With over 10 years FCA Call center experience, as well as Jeep Ram and SRT marketing and call training, she is quite adept at navigating  issues.  As a mother of two girls and a one boy, when the technicians misbehave , she is not afraid to hop in there and straighten them up. When she has free time, some of her hobbies include hunting and fishing.

  • Aaron Butler
    Service Technician

    Aaron is one of our veteran mechanics as he has been with us since 2002. He always aims to ensure that his customers are satisfied and driving safe vehicles when they leave our dealership. Aaron's skill and ability when it comes to vehicles is exceptional, and attention to detail is what his customers appreciate most from his work.

    Aaron has two kids and is happily married to his lovely wife Laura. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting and riding his motorcycle. In the summer months, you can find Aaron spending weekends on the lake or at the camp grounds in his RV.

  • Tim Walker
    Service Technician

    Tim has been a licensed Chrysler technician for 25+ years, he started his career at a different Chrysler dealership but has found his home over the last few years here at Tilbury Chrysler. Tim provides a wide variety of exceptional services and strives to ensure that his customers drive away happy.

    In his spare time, he enjoys camping, long walks on the beach, and cheering for his favorite hockey team with his wife and 4 kids. Come have your vehicle serviced today with Tim Walker for excellent results

  • Doug Cadarette
    Lube & Oil Specialist

    Doug is our Lube and Oil specialist. He has taken on the responsibilities of maintaining professionalism as well as excellence in his area of expertise in the workshop. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his kids and his wife.

  • Rick Dulisch
    Service Technician

    Rich Dulisch, the progdical son, recently return back to us. Brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience on all brands. He is married to Jen, his high school sweet heart. They have two incredible children and two beautiful grandchildren. Rick is also a long suffering Leaf fan, but luckily this will be the year !!! 1968,1969, 1970, 1971..........2019 2020 covid cup????....

  • Nick Desaulniers
    Full Time Part Time Lot Department Manager and Mover and Shaker.